In 2005 a group of committed individuals organized a multi-purpose cooperative to augment their incomes in order to pursue the ideal for their families. This is the core membership of the cooperative. Devoted people dedicated to their profession in their respective levels in the organization committed to providing their families the best opportunities possible. Thus evolved the essence of the cooperative and its membership. Augmentation of employment incomes through financial products and socially responsible enterprises in order to have peace of mind in their work environment and the chance to provide the best that can be attained for their families.


The core membership of the cooperative is from the gaming and tourism services sector. 


Over the years, as its members grew in number and its financial products improved, the cooperative began empowering members through their commitment achieving in the process collective and individual growth. It developed its multi-purpose personality entering into strategic alliances with business enterprises that have a strong social character and a growing international operation. Through collaboration and cooperation the cooperative is expanding its horizon beyond borders.


Our multi-purpose cooperative is open to associate members who share our beliefs and aspirations.