About the Coop

Our Mindset

Empowerment and Commitment:
We are a Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC) empowering members, partners and communities towards achieving economic independence, sustainable growth and service to others. These are accomplished through financial products, social entrepreneurship ventures and business enterprises that cultivate and strengthen total commitment to faith, family and profession.

Collective and Individual Growth:
Our services, products and projects inspire growth in human values of goodness, responsibility and caring. We believe that by being value-centered and value-driven material prosperity becomes a natural outcome. Our activities depend on coherent and cohesive effort motivating each of us individually to become better persons in our faith, for our families and in our professions. We fulfill our commitments collectively encouraging each other to grow individually. Our collective growth is in each person’s individual development.

Collaboration and Cooperation:
We pursue opportunities by breaking down barriers, expanding our horizon and opening ourselves to new ideas and ways of doing things. We collaborate in diversity respecting differences among groups and individuals while harnessing the creative energies of shared beliefs. We cooperate by strengthening relationships and emphasizing the goodness in each other’s uniqueness. We believe in collaboration and cooperation.

Beyond Borders
We have a global mind-set. Be it in our local community or internationally. We see people as human beings with inherent goodness and dignity. While we respect the sovereignty of nations and the cultural diversity it brings, we go beyond borders and embrace everyone as Children of God. We do not define individuals by the color of their skin or the practice of their faith. We see the opportunity in everyone to be friends and cooperators in one global community. These beliefs we bring into our products, projects and activities. A Multi Purpose Cooperative pursuing human and economic development for ourselves and others Beyond Borders.

Our Members

In 2005 a group of committed individuals organized a multi-purpose cooperative to augment their incomes in order to pursue the ideal for their families. This is the core membership of the cooperative. Devoted people dedicated to their profession in their respective levels in the organization committed to providing their families the best opportunities possible. Thus evolved the essence of the cooperative and its membership. Augmentation of employment incomes through financial products and socially responsible enterprises in order to have peace of mind in their work environment and the chance to provide the best that can be attained for their families. The core membership of the cooperative is from the gaming and tourism services sector. Over the years, as its members grew in number and its financial products improved, the cooperative began empowering members through their commitment achieving in the process collective and individual growth. It developed its multi-purpose personality entering into strategic alliances with business enterprises that have a strong social character and a growing international operation. Through collaboration and cooperation the cooperative is expanding its horizon beyond borders.
Our multi-purpose cooperative is open to associate members who share our beliefs and aspirations.

Our Benefits

The benefits package for all our members extends to their families and other communities. It involves a range of financial products and services, skills-training and employment opportunities, community development here and abroad, and family-centered programs that build lives and strengthen relationships.
Our financial products consisting of assistance loans and socially oriented investments provide members and their families the resources to improve their quality of life. Our payment and payback terms inculcate financial discipline without sacrificing the wholesome comfort and convenience of members and their families.
Our projects, ventures and business alliances are financially strong and socially oriented. They do not only accrue significant financial benefits to members and their families but also contribute to nation building. Our projects are intended to achieve the greater good for the greater many.
In short, the benefits to our members mean economic independence, sustainable growth and service to others.

The Officers

Currently, PACC-MPC has eleven(11) members of the Board as Directors who were elected by the regular members during the Cooperative’s Annual General Assembly Meeting. However, the Chairman and the Vice Chairman were appointed from the newly constituted Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Chairman Mr. Peter Joy De Leon
Vice-Chairman Ms. Elena Nulud
Director Mr. Arturo Romillo
Director Mr. Lorenzo Laxamana
Director Mr. Angelito Dela Cruz
Director Mr. Oscar Alvarez
Director Mr. Jordan De Guzman
Director Mr. Honesto Yancha
Director Mr. Percival Salise
Director Mr. Exzur Alcantara
Director/Board Secretary Ms. Adeline Bondoc
Legal Consultant Atty. Deborah Daquis

The Committee Chairmanship

Audit Committee Mr. Ramil Magsino
Credit Committee Ms. Anita Mesina
Election Committee Ms. Loida Fronda
Reconciliation Committee Mr. Inardo Aure
Education Committee Mr. Elena Nulud

The Management & Staff

Officers and staff are the one in charge of the day to day activities and needs of the members of the cooperative.

General Manager Ms. Myra Luzung
Asst. General Manager Mr. Lorenzo Laxamana
Treasurer Ms. Anita Mesina
Office Supervisor and Bookkeeper Ms. Myra Lusung
Records Custodian Ms. Fe Lusung
Encoder Ms. Maria Ruby Laxamana

Awards & Registration

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