Empowerment and Commitment:


We are a Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC) empowering members, partners and communities towards achieving economic independence, sustainable growth and service to others. These are accomplished through financial products, social entrepreneurship ventures and business enterprises that cultivate and strengthen total commitment to faith, family and profession.


Collective and Individual Growth:


Our services, products and projects inspire growth in human values of goodness, responsibility and caring. We believe that by being value-centered and value-driven material prosperity becomes a natural outcome. Our activities depend on coherent and cohesive effort motivating each of us individually to become better persons in our faith, for our families and in our professions. We fulfill our commitments collectively encouraging each other to grow individually. Our collective growth is in each person’s individual development.


Collaboration and Cooperation


We pursue opportunities by breaking down barriers, expanding our horizon and opening ourselves to new ideas and ways of doing things. We collaborate in diversity respecting differences among groups and individuals while harnessing the creative energies of shared beliefs. We cooperate by strengthening relationships and emphasizing the goodness in each other’s uniqueness. We believe in collaboration and cooperation.


Beyond Borders


We have a global mind-set. Be it in our local community or internationally. We see people as human beings with inherent goodness and dignity. While we respect the sovereignty of nations and the cultural diversity it brings, we go beyond borders and embrace everyone as Children of God. We do not define individuals by the color of their skin or the practice of their faith. We see the opportunity in everyone to be friends and cooperators in one global community. These beliefs we bring into our products, projects and activities. A Multi Purpose Cooperative pursuing human and economic development for ourselves and others Beyond Borders.